I’m a researcher at Inria in the Marelle team. I’m interested in the technology of formal proofs, in particular in type theory, its implementation and its use to model mathematics. I defended my Ph.D. at the university of Bologna in 2008, where I worked on the design and implementation of the Matita interactive theorem prover. Then I worked for the Mathematical Components team on the formalization of the Odd Order theorem. I’m currently maintaining the small scale reflection Coq extension used in that project. In the past I’ve also worked on on the Paral-ITP project with the aim of making Coq scale well to large libraries of formalized mathematics, like the Mathematical Components one. I’m currently designing and implementing the Elpi extension language to make it possible to improve the capabilities of software written in OCaml by using a high level programming language. In particular Elpi gives first class support for binders and unification variables to ease the implementation of intricate algorithms as the one performing type inference. The Coq-elpi plugin embeds Elpi in Coq and makes it easy to manipulate Coq terms in Elpi for the purpose of implementing new commands or tactics.